Bored during quarantine? Want to help support a small business? Or just can't get out to play a game in real life? We have ya covered! We have partnered with Online Escape Room Games to keep you entertained at home! Not sure if online is your thing? Well, we have that covered too.  You can play one of the games for free, to see if you like it. Check out the games below. If you see one you like, click on the picture to open the link.

mummy's ritches.PNG

Tyler's been tossed into a mental health institution for what can only be described as crimes against humanity. While it is very possible that he is finally in a place deserving of his

glory, we should probably help him

out of there. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to get Tyler out of the Asylum and onward to freedom. It's not that long of a journey but I'm sure you'll make due with all the cleverness you have at your disposal.

This game requires either a Tablet or

a Computer for optimal performance.

Tyler is back for more as he goes

after the some bling that his buddies told him existed during an online

game of Call of Duty. It's legit information. Trust.
Nonetheless, Tyler has gone to Egypt to find the untold riches and he's

found sand, some exotic sand, some stone and also... sand. Tons of sand. Holy crap is there a lot of sand! Sand aside (not likely), he's going to be solving some puzzles, unlocking the mysteries of the ancient pyramids

with his "razor sharp" wit and dashing good looks (that you will in fact never see so it's not easily disproven).
So come and see just what could be more valuable that Tut's Mask. Here's a hint: it's not sand.

This game requires either a Tablet or a Computer for optimal performance.

Quarantine sucks.

Your name is Tyler. You've been sitting under quarantine for weeks now and you've had one-too-many old Lunchables and watched too many episodes of crappy romcoms on Netflix. You're breaking out! Sadly, once you do you find only an empty city and rather than do something constructive, you're going to break into a movie theater and watch an amazing movie about... you know what? Anything sounds good right about now, let's just get out of the apartment and do SOMETHING! So find a way to get inside of the theater and watch that movie you've been dying to see for months.

This game requires either a Tablet or a Computer for optimal performance.